General history
Application Note
The history of individual countries and peoples is expressed through the use of Table 1e - Common auxiliaries of place, Table 1g - Common auxiliaries of time, and, where appropriate, Table 1f - Common auxiliaries of ethnic grouping and nationality. Class 94 allows great flexibility for collection organization which should be guided by users needs and established by the local indexing policy. Where a number is given in the Common auxiliaries of place for the ancient and mediaeval world, e.g. (367) Regions of the Slavs or (363) Regions of Germanic tribes, that number may be preferred. Libraries, however, may prefer to collocate the entire history (ancient and mediaeval) under the place number of a modern country. Should this be the case, example(s) of combination for historical periods are provided under the country's history. If required, it is also possible to organize history by periods first and then by place e.g. 94"1914/1918"(4) Europe during First World war or 94"04/14"(5) History of the Middle Ages in Asia. For peoples who possess a common history but cannot be geographically limited, e.g. the Hittites, the Jews, the Celts, the Roma etc. or, generally, for history of peoples as such e.g. the West Slavs, the Basques etc. common auxiliaries of ethnic grouping (Table 1f) are suggested.
94(100) Worlds history (chronological summation of facts)
94(3/9) History of individual places of the ancient and modern world
94(3) History of the ancient world
94(31) History of ancient China and Japan
94(32) History of ancient Egypt
94(33) History of Judaea. The Holy Land. Region of the Israelites: Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Sichem, Jericho
94(34) History of ancient India
94(35) History of Medo-Persia
94(36) History of regions of the so-called barbarians: Germanic tribes, Celts, Slaves, Nordic peoples, Huns, Avars
94(37) History of ancient Rome and Italy (to 5th century)
94(38) History of ancient Greece
94(399.7) History of ancient American cultures. Pre-Columbian America
94(4/9) History of individual regions and countries of the modern world
94(4) History of Europe
94(5) History of Asia
94(6) History of Africa
94(7/8) History of the Americas
94(9) History of states and regions of South Pacific and Australia
Broader class
93/94  History