Industrial microbiology. Industrial mycology. Zymurgy, fermentation industry. Beverage industry. Stimulant industry
See also
17Moral philosophy. Ethics. Practical philosophy
613.3Drinks. Curative drinks. Medicinal waters. Liquid diet
613.8Health and hygiene of the nervous system. Health and ethics
Broader class
66  Chemical technology. Chemical and related industries
Narrower classes
663.1Microbiological industries. Science and technique of applied microbiology. Applied mycology
663.2Wine. Winemaking. Oenology
663.3Cider. Perry. Other fruit wines, sap wines
663.4Beers. Brewing. Malting
663.5Potable alcohol. Spirituous liquors (ardent spirits). Alcohol distillation, refining
663.6Water for beverages and other industrial uses. Mineral waters. Medicinal waters. Edible ice
663.8Main ingredients for the blending of drinks. Fruit and vegetable juices. Syrups. Liqueurs. Soft drinks
663.9Chocolate. Cocoa. Coffee. Tea. Tobacco