Scope Note
The production of chemicals; also the chemicals themselves (chemical products), especially from the point of view of their further processing and utilization
Application Note
Denote individual inorganic and organic constituents by :546... and :547...
Broader class
66  Chemical technology. Chemical and related industries
Narrower classes
661.1Special chemical industries
661.2Production of sulphur and its derivatives
661.3Production of soda and potash, alkalis
661.4Production of halogens and halogen compounds, inorganic peroxo-compounds
661.5Production of nitrogen compounds. Fixation of nitrogen. Nitrogen industry in general
661.6Production of various nonmetals and semimetals (metalloids), and their compounds
661.7Production of organic substances. Organic chemicals
661.8Metallic compounds in general. Salts. Mineral compounds
661.9Production of gases