Public health engineering. Water. Sanitation. Illuminating engineering
Application Note
For details, machinery, equipment use auxiliary numbers 62-1/-9
See also
502The environment and its protection
504Threats to the environment
614Public health and hygiene. Accident prevention
Broader class
62  Engineering. Technology in general
Narrower classes
628.1Water supply. Water treatment. Water consumption
628.2Urban water removal. Town drainage. Sewerage
628.3Sewage. Treatment, disposal, utilization of sewage
628.4Urban hygiene. Wastes. Refuse. Rubbish. Garbage. Collection and disposal of town wastes
628.5Measures against industrial and other nuisances
628.6Drainage and sanitary installations of buildings (particularly public health requirements)
628.8Indoor climate. Air conditioning. Heating. Ventilating
628.9Lighting. Illumination engineering