Natural waterway, port, harbour and shore engineering. Navigational, dredging, salvage and rescue facilities. Dams and hydraulic power plant
Port installations and equipment
Application Note
Denote details of natural waterway and harbour works, hydraulic power plant etc. with special auxiliaries 62-1/-9
627(26) Marine, sea, ocean works and facilities
627(28) Inland water, river and lake works and facilities
See also
556Hydrosphere. Water in general. Hydrology
Broader class
626/627  Hydraulic engineering and construction. Water (aquatic) structures
Narrower classes
627.2Ports, harbours and roadsteads: engineering and construction works in general
627.3In-port facilities. Docks. Wharfs. Quays. Installations and equipment
627.4River bank protection. Straightening of rivers and streams. Other river improvement works
627.5Other waterway protection and improvement works. Dykes. Coast protection. Land drainage and reclamation
627.7Navigational facilities. Channel maintenance. Marine salvage and rescue facilities
627.8Dams. Hydraulic power plant works