Application Note
For details of mining machinery and processes use special auxiliary numbers 62-1/-9
See also
528Geodesy. Surveying. Photogrammetry. Remote sensing. Cartography
549Mineralogy. Special study of minerals
552Petrology. Petrography
553Economic geology. Mineral deposits
679.8Stone technology. Stone industry
Broader class
62  Engineering. Technology in general
Narrower classes
622.1Preliminary investigation. Mine surveying and mapping. Exploration of mineral deposits (surface and underground)
622.2Mining operations. Exploration, opening-up, development, working of mineral deposits
622.3Mining of specific minerals, ores, rocks
622.4Ventilation, air conditioning, heating and illumination of mines
622.5Mine drainage. Unwatering (dewatering)
622.6Haulage and handling. Hoisting. Winding. Surface transport
622.7Treatment, processing of minerals. Mineral dressing. Ore preparation
622.8Mining hazards, accidents and damage. Health protection and safety in mines