Special pathology
Broader class
616  Pathology. Clinical medicine
Narrower classes
616.1Pathology of the circulatory system, blood vessels. Cardiovascular complaints
616.2Pathology of the respiratory system. Complaints of the respiratory organs
616.3Pathology of the digestive system. Complaints of the alimentary canal
616.4Pathology of the lymphatic system, haemopoietic (haematopoietic) organs, endocrines
616.5Skin. Common integument. Clinical dermatology. Cutaneous complaints
616.6Pathology of the urogenital system. Urinary and sexual (genital) complaints. Urology
616.7Pathology of the organs of locomotion. Skeletal and locomotor systems
616.8Neurology. Neuropathology. Nervous system
616.9Communicable diseases. Infectious and contagious diseases, fevers