Law. Jurisprudence
Scope Note
The method of classification of section 34 is independent of the legislative systems of particular countries with different philosophies of law; it provides instead an arrangement and hierarchy based on generalized legal principles. Only in this way can a classification be offered that is equally applicable to any country
Application Note
Legal systems valid in only part of a state may be denoted by place auxiliaries (3/9) and the form auxiliaries for legal sources (094)
34(091) History of law
34(1/9) Legislative systems of particular countries
See also
(094)Legal sources. Legal documents
Broader class
Narrower classes
340Law in general. Legal methods and auxiliary sciences
341International law
342Public law. Constitutional law. Administrative law
343Criminal law. Penal offences
344Special criminal law. Military, naval, air force laws
346Economic law. Law of government control of the economy
347Civil law
348Ecclesiastical law. Canon law. Religious law (option)
349Special branches of law. Miscellaneous legal matters