Common auxilaries of persons and personal characteristics. Table 1k
Scope Note
The -05 auxiliaries denote the persons concerned or their characteristics
Application Note
The -05 auxiliaries are applicable throughout the main tables, if the personal aspect is secondary to the subject. If the main table for a particular subject provides no direct subdivision or special auxiliary for the personal aspect, -05 itself may be used to denote this, e.g. 324 Elections, 324-05 Persons connected with elections. The roles of agent and target should usually be distinguished by -051 or -052, e.g. 324 Elections, 324-051 Electors, voters 324-052 Elected representatives with any further personal characteristics denoted by adding the appropriate subdivision of -053/-058, e.g. 324-052-055.2 Female elected representatives. If the main tables already provide a place for the personal aspect, then the subdivisions of -053/-058 may be added directly to this, e.g. 070.42-057.13 Freelance journalists , 347.96-055.2 Female lawyers, 616-083-055.1 Male nurses. As with all common auxiliaries, the subdivisions of -05 may be combined with each other, or other auxiliaries, e.g. 64-053.6-055.2 Female adolescent domestic staff, 78.071-056.45(=411.16) Jewish musical prodigies
Broader class
-0...  Common auxiliaries of general characteristics: Properties, Materials, Relations/Processes and Persons. Table 1k.
Narrower classes
-051Persons as agents, doers, practitioners (studying, making, serving etc.)
-052Persons as targets, clients, users (studied, served etc.)
-053Persons according to age or age-groups
-054Persons according to ethnic characteristics, nationality, citizenship etc.
-055Persons according to gender and kinship
-056Persons according to constitution, health, disposition, hereditary or other traits
-057Persons according to occupation, work, livelihood, education
-058Persons according to social class, civil status