Common auxiliaries of relations, processes and operations. Table 1k
Scope Note
The -04 auxiliaries denote relations between concepts (particularly under -042) and processes, activities and operations in any discipline. They are applicable throughout the main tables. Where such processes etc. are already adequately denoted in a main class, that notation may be preferred. Care should be taken to distinguish between a process as a subsidiary aspect of a subject and cases where the process or activity is itself the subject, e.g. appraisal of research and methodology in the social sciences would be classed using -04, at 303.1-047.4 -- as opposed to appraisal as a management technique, denoted by a main number at 005.96
Application Note
CITATION ORDER. The -04 auxiliaries are not to be used independently, or cited first in a compound notation. They are always suffixed to a main number.
Broader class
-0...  Common auxiliaries of general characteristics: Properties, Materials, Relations/Processes and Persons. Table 1k.
Narrower classes
-042Phase relations
-043General processes
-044.3Processes of value
-044.4Processes of ordering and sequence
-044.5Processes of magnitude
-044.6Processes of number and degree
-044.7Processes related to time and chronology
-044.8Processes related to dimension
-044.9Processes related to shape
-045Processes related to position, arrangement, movement, physical properties, states of matter
-047/-049General operations and activities