Common auxiliaries of properties. Table 1k
Scope Note
The -02 auxiliaries denote general properties or attributes of entities
Application Note
The -02 auxiliaries are applicable throughout the main tables. The -02 auxiliaries are not to be used independently, or cited first in a compound notation. They are always suffixed to a main number or notation which expresses the subject to be qualified. Since there is some repetition of terms between the various auxiliary tables, care should be taken in selecting the appropriate application e.g. to distinguish between audio-visual as a property (audio-visual training methods classified as 37.02-028.26) and as a form (a training video classified as 37.02(086.8) )
Broader class
-0...  Common auxiliaries of general characteristics: Properties, Materials, Relations/Processes and Persons. Table 1k.
Narrower classes
-021Properties of existence
-022Properties of magnitude, degree, quantity, number, temporal values, dimension, size
-023Properties of shape
-024Properties of structure. Properties of position
-025Properties of arrangement
-026Properties of action and movement
-027Operational properties
-028Properties of style and presentation
-029Properties derived from other main classes