Special auxiliary subdivision for technology in general
Scope Note
The term 'machine' is used in 62-1/-9 for brevity to include any tools, equipment and installations, and their components
Application Note
These special auxiliaries are applicable throughout 62/69
Broader class
62  Engineering. Technology in general
Narrower classes
62-1General characteristics of machines etc.
62-2Fixed and movable parts, components of machines
62-3Fluid control parts and drives. Valves, closures etc.
62-4State, condition, form of materials, surfaces, objects, products
62-5Operation and control of machines and processes
62-6Fuel and other heat-source characteristics of machinery and installations
62-7Devices for servicing, maintenance and protection of machines
62-8Machines according to motive power, propulsive force. Source of energy of machine
62-9Variables, conditions and characteristics of production processes, plant and equipment