Modern spiritual movements
Philosophical systems. Atheism (e.g. Shinto derived faiths: Tenrikyo, Omoto-kyo). Agnosticism. Humanism (e.g. Perfect Liberty Kyodan). Absence of religion. Secularism (e.g. Neo-Paganism). Irreligion. Movements with Christian elements (e.g. Anthroposophical movement, Christian Community, Sea of Faith). Movements such as Cao Dai, Scientology, Dianetics, New Age
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There are a large number of these, predominantly 20th century (most of the preceding array are 19th century phenomena). They often do not have any particular faith associations, although some have grown out of a particular cultural context and may have features of the dominant religion of the culture (e.g. New Age and Paganism). Some have very large numbers of adherents, perhaps because they are 'official' state religions, but even so are not widely recognised outside their own territories
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