Persons according to occupation, work, livelihood, education
Scope Note
For specific occupations use main UDC numbers and -051 or -052
Broader class
-05  Common auxilaries of persons and personal characteristics. Table 1k
Narrower classes
-057.1Persons according to work, employment, administrative status
-057.2Technical staff. Operatives. Manual workers (blue-collar workers)
-057.3Clerical, administrative workers. Clerks. Office staff (white-collar workers)
-057.4Professional or academic workers
-057.5Persons in relation to workplace, site of employment. Persons in relation to the enterprise
-057.6Persons according to domicile and its relation to work or other activity
-057.7Persons according to income sources or insurance
-057.8Persons according to education, training, experience
-057.9Persons according to executive functions